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Durarara avatar-Abysus by BittersweetHorizon
Durarara avatar- Bina by BittersweetHorizon
Durarara avatar- Espurr by BittersweetHorizon
Here are some examples of the Durarara avatars of other peoples' OCs I have done in the past. If you are interested, then send me a note to commission me.
The cost for one avatar will be 20 points.

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Date: 8-07-2014
Time: 5:00pm

Happy Birthday Deviantart for your 14th Anniversary. I have seen many people doing this journal, writing about their DeviantArt Story and what I can tell is mine is the same as most others; There was a reason why I joined here.

Almost Five years ago I used to surf in dA to get inspired by other peoples' Art.
It was sort of an hobby of mine when I used to get bored.
I never considered joining because I always felt, I was not equipped with the talent of an artist even though I loved coloring and drawing.
I first used to be a traditional artist but after completing eight grade I had to drop art in School since it was considered to be irrelevant.  well it felt depressing at first since I missed it. I used to draw doodles in my books and my table and on other stuff to liven myself up. Then I decided, "what do I have to loose if I joined there.."

Around early May, in 2011, my first work was uploaded. It was a picture of a stray cat I had found in my front Garden.  She was so frisky and I loved her. I dearly hoped of keeping her unfortunately she was given away for adoption before I could even name her. But she loved climbing trees and biting my hand <3

                  meow by BittersweetHorizon
                                        kitty kitty~ com here`

ok later on I kept on colouring manga pages and linearts done by others. My first colouring were the Kuroshitsuji characters since I was crazy on that anime at that time . My fave work out of the three was Sebastian. 'He is one hell of a Butler' Wink/Razz

May                May                         June             July
ciel phantomhive by BittersweetHorizon   sebastian's frustration by BittersweetHorizon     grell spacing out by BittersweetHorizon      Ronald Knox private detective by BittersweetHorizon

Later on I started doing Collaborations with other artists in dA. I usually coloured the linearts since I had no prior knowledge how a lineart was typically done.
Plus I sucked.   OTL

Lil Ulqui by BittersweetHorizon   cherished memories-Ed and Den by BittersweetHorizon  3D2Y by BittersweetHorizon fade away- Rukia by BittersweetHorizon                                  Ichigo and Renji by BittersweetHorizon

I have been using photoshop all this time. Plus I used my mouse to colour since I didn't have a tablet. I did this kitten picture with only the mouse and I was surprised that I did a good job.

               kitty by BittersweetHorizon

I also started on my Dollar Avatars Series in September 2011 after I accidentally made Ichigo from Bleach for fun and right now, at the present I have made over 50 avatars from different fandoms/ series.   But my earliest avatars had witty chat dialogues, from what I had imagine when the characters would have talked if they joined the Dollars. xD

                                         Durarara avatar-Ichigo by BittersweetHorizon

I also did a crossover pokeballs in 2012 since it was mainstream at that time of the year. It was fun doing oneand  I was eager to try one myself.

Mockinjay pokeball by BittersweetHorizon        Going Merrry Pokeball by BittersweetHorizon
                        Miku pokeball by BittersweetHorizon

I got my tablet in 15th of August 2013 and knighted him Sir Lemon Jr. xD

My tabby Limey Like a Sir by BittersweetHorizon

And the first picture I used my Tablet on was in a Housewife Lyon Fanart. xD
Damn Lyon is so Hot in an apron :Q

                           Housewife Lyon by BittersweetHorizon

In 2013 I practiced toning for manga pages. It was for the project Black Mansion.
I adopted to use Paint Tool Sai as well.

Akari from Black Mansion by BittersweetHorizon    Hiroki by BittersweetHorizon The six Vampires from Black Mansion by BittersweetHorizon  

At the present (2014) :

Bara and Raishin by BittersweetHorizon         Assorted Chocolates  Turkish Delight Ezra by BittersweetHorizon
               Medieval Knight-  Madara and Alduin by BittersweetHorizon

My own work
Natsu and Human form Igneel by BittersweetHorizon   Oc Tournament- Naoki Miura Vs Leon Kano by BittersweetHorizon   KyouAki contest by BittersweetHorizon     CE: FIre and Water by BittersweetHorizon

Here you go peeps. A transition of a bittersweet deviant far off in the horizon in three years Wink/Razz
If it wasn't for my friends in dA, who supported me and guided me these years.
I would not have come this far.  Hiroki icon by BittersweetHorizon

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